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Though I yearned to be among women like myself, I also judged them for doing work that I swore at 15 I could never do.

The work and those women didn’t fit my pedestal perched Clair Huxtable portrait of womanhood.

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So because I learned that sex work is shameful, and I correlated trans womanhood and sex work, I was taught that trans womanhood is shameful.

This belief system served as the base of my understanding of self as a trans girl, and I couldn’t separate it from my own body image issues, my sense of self, my internalized shame about being trans, brown, poor, young, woman.

These women were the first trans women I met, and I quickly correlated trans womanhood and sex work.

I perceived the sex trades as a rite of passage, something a trans girl had to do in order to make the money necessary to support herself.

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Sex workers are often dismissed, causing even the most liberal folk, to dehumanize, devalue and demean women who are engaged in the sex trades.

This pervasive dehumanization of women in the sex trades leads many to ignore the silencing, brutality, policing, criminalization and violence sex workers face, even blaming them for being utterly damaged, promiscuous, and unworthy.

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Let’s face it, long distance relationships are not a great deal of fun most of the time. Video chatting even lets us gaze into our loved ones eyes while we’re talking.

The money I earned I used to pay for the vital medical care my family couldn’t afford. I do not believe using your body — often marginalized people’s only asset, especially in poor, low-income, communities of color — to care after yourself is shameful.

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